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Stray Kids "Double Knot" Choreo?

Join an amazing LIVE online kpop dance class!

Friday November 26th 19:00 (7pm GMT+1)
Stray Kids "Double Knot"

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Friday November 5th 19:00 (7pm GMT+1) 

Early Bird Offer: €5 

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No prerecorded video but a Live class!
So many advantages!
You can ask questions
So much more fun!
Feels like a dance studio class, but less scary.
Much easier than learning by yourself 
Anyone can join, even complete beginners
Meet other kpop fans and make new friends
Just be yourself and enjoy!

 Lear original Kpop choreographies and meet other Kpop lovers. The dance classes are in English.
All levels can join.
Do not be afraid you are not good enough. 
We will learn you the steps and you will have an amazing time!!
Let's get ready to dance like the kpop idols!!!